Event management platform

Virtual or hybrid event experiences include situations, tactics and designs that differ greatly from in-person events.

Just like an in-person event, a key objective of virtual event is to engage the audience. We achieve high levels of engagement by creating opportunities for attendees to interact and participate with the content and other attendees through virtual event platform.

We make sure that even though attendees are behind a PC screen, you can still achieve the same level of engagement as you would in-person.

Regardless of the format of your next event, we have integrated solutions for event registration and payment, access control, mobile platform for attendees, abstract management and virtual event platform.

Participant interaction
Live polling, virtual hand-raising, remote Q&A sessions, audience chat, and custom call-to-action will make your virtual event an engaging experience for your attendees
Breaktime activities
Give your attendees something fun to do during break like and instructor-led sessions or live musical entertainment
Tradeshow and demo integration
Give your sponsors a place to set up shop and promote a product or service with a dedicated exhibit booth area where we can have a video discussion or watch a company video presentation
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Networking possibilities
Our virtual event solutions have endless opportunities for networking among participants. Event app that tracks audience interests and analytics might suggest virtual meetups or chat based on shared interests, job title, enthusiasm for specific topics and more
Gamification opportunities
Leverage gamification to motivate your attendees to take action, or just to keep them awake and engaged. Basic gamification might be awarding points for session attendance, interaction with others, breakout participation, etc. Or, take it to the next level with scavenger hunts, hosted game shows, virtual escape rooms, and more.

The remote panellists will be able to join your event from the opposite sides of the continent and each of them might need to join a different discussion. The remote speaker can be live-streamed on a screen next to the other panellists or master of ceremony where the on-site attendees could see the online speaker along with theĀ audience questions.

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