The first remote simultaneous translation in the region during the covid-19 pandemic with dislocated translators and remote participants

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Gas Professionals and engineers

Event location
Zagreb, Croatia


About HSUP 2020 Conference

One of the best-known international gas conferences & exhibitions in Central and South-East Europe that gathers many distinguished gas and energy experts from various companies and institutions from 20 and more countries who discuss the current gas and energy topics. Conference covers several issues relevant to the gas economy and energy industry that runs along the entire natural gas chain.

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At the time of the first lockdown, the organizing committee of HSUP 2020 postponed the 35th International Scientific and Expert Meeting of Gas Professionals due to fear of unfavourable epidemiological situation that will lead to a limited number of foreign delegates.

The challenge was the realization of simultaneous remote translation where participants, translators and organizers will be situated in different locations around the world. Remote translators were physically separated from each other, which was not in line with usual translation standards. Such set-up could impair the quality of translation and jeopardize the success of the conference due to increased cognitive load, additional translator fatigue and acoustic shock.

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“Thanks Eventrify for supporting and organizing HSUP 2020 during the covid-19 pandemic and for finding a innovative way to organise remote simultaneous translation over EMPL platform."

Dalibor Pudić

Croatian Energy Regulatory Agency, Zagreb


The simultaneous translation was carried out remotely throughout EMPL platform where participants could seamlessly switch between different audio channels.

Sponsors and exhibitors were given the opportunity to publish their promotional materials in a virtual exhibition space. They created own virtual booths with video presentations and initiated real-time communications with booth visitors.

Despite initial fear of the organizer that will not reach sponsor˙s and participant˙s expectations, HSUP 2020 turned out to be a true success.

HSUP2020 was attended by delegates from 13 countries

78 meetings were held during the conference

Booth visitors initiated 235+ real-time interactions with sponsors