How Higher Education and Scholarships (SAS) used EMPL platform to gather 1000+ students from all parts of Croatia


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About SAS

Fair of Higher Education and Scholarships (SAS) is one of the largest educational events in Croatia. This year, SAS brought together more than 40 institutions from Croatia and abroad to present their study programs, internships and various forms of financial aids for study. The fair is intended for high school students, students, their parents, as well as teachers and researchers.



The organizer goal was to gather a larger number of visitors compared to previous years, from all parts of Croatia and southeastern Europe. This year, they wanted to offer exhibitors and visitors a unique and interactive experience compared to last year Zoom presence.


“EMPL platform provides much simpler and more intuitive user experience compared to Zoom. Unlike last year, this year we had dedicated streaming resources provided by Eventrify. Also, our team was saved from implementation and preparation tasks on the day of the fair."

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Ninoslav Šćukanec Schmidt

Founder of the Institute for the Development of Education in Zagreb, Croatia


Virtual event platform EMPL provided participants with much simpler and intuitive user experience. It also reduced organizational burden and eliminated the need for unnecessary travel for students in the time of covid-19 pandemic. In addition to the digital EMPL platform, the organizer obtained technical support from Eventrify, what greatly reduced the preparation and implementation time and reduced the organizational burden of the whole SAS team.

A total of 47 exhibitors participated in the SAS Fair through their virtual booths

1167 messages was exchanged between exhibitors and visitors who visited virtual booths 2517 times

190 participants registered their interests to be reached by sponsors for more info

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